About Us


Paul Hudson:

Lead vocal and guitar.
Paul is a former member of Rocky Sharpe and the Replays and has also written and recorded songs for film and television.



Bass guitar and vocals.

Fox plays a Lakland 5-string bass and has worked with many great bands including session work with ex-Yardbirds members.


Pete Miles:

Pete has an illustrious drumming pedigree having played with some of the all time greats of RnB including Jack Bruce, Chris Farlowe and Dave Kelly.


The Gear:

The Replays use a high quality compact 2 KW Electrovoice PA system with a modest but very cool lighting show. The band can set up in the smallest of spaces but also amply fill large halls and theatres.


The band features Paul Hudson on vocals and guitar formerly of “Rocky Sharpe and the Replays” whose top twenty hits include “Ramalama Ding Dong” and “Shout Shout”. Paul also wrote the crazy Rock n’ Roll feature ‘Straighten out the Rug’ for Hollywood movie star Val Kilmer which Val performed in the major comedy film ‘TOP SECRET’ (Paramount Pictures). Follow the link to check it out:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xeyjb21auxc

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